Swimming Pool Installations

 At KJ’s Home and Pool, we are involved in the whole process. From design to installation.To give you an idea as to the process of the installation, here is a pictorial view of the installation process from start to finish.If you have any questions about this process, let us know by getting in contact with us. We are happy to answer your questions.





Stage 1 – The Transformation begins 

  • Site measured and marked out.
  • Levels established and checked.




Stage 2 – Digging the Hole 

  • The pool hole is dug by experienced operators. 
  • Base carefully leveled and compacted.




Stage 3 – Lowering the Pool 

  • Pool is lowered into the hole.
  • Levels checked.
  • The pool shell has been fitted with lights and plumbing at this stage.




Stage 4 – Filling the Pool

  • Once the pool is in a perfect position -start filling the pool.
  • Back fill and compact cavity around the pool. 
  • Continue plumbing.



Stage 5 – Filling and Setting the Surrounds plus Start of Landscaping.

  • Pump and filter running
  • You can start swimming. 
  • Implementation of your landscaping plan.



Stage 6 – Finishing Surrounds and Landscaping

  • Choosing the look and finish you would like can be rather daunting. We can offer you professional advice. 
  • .We have installed over 70 pools and have the experience and skills to ensure that you have an end product that you will be delighted with.





Stage 7 – All Finished 

  • Time to sit back, relax and enjoy your pool knowing you have the best quality pool, installation and finish.